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Torture of Women in Syria's Dungeons 'No One Hears Us': REPORT

Updated: May 15, 2021

TRT World Research Centre’s investigation presents evidence that the Syrian regime has systematically employed the use of sexual violence and rape as a stratagem of war. The report ‘No one hears us’: Torture of Women in Syria’s Dungeons documents testimonies of 14 former female detainees who were tortured between 2011 and 2016. Women have been one of the primary targets in the onslaught against Syria’s population. As part of a deliberate strategy employed by the regime, women have faced systematic sexual harassment, unlawful touching with sexual intent, rape, beatings and extrajudicial killings. Psychological torture has been used against female detainees, including forcing them to listen to torture of family members and prolonged solitary confinement. Torture and abuse are used as a tool to weaken women, place fear in their hearts and extract confessions for allegedly colluding with opposition groups and anti-government protests. The abuses documented via the testimonies of former detainees appear to have violated both International Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. It is clear that the Syrian regime is committing crimes against humanity and therefore the TRT World Research Centre calls for an impartial investigation into the incessant sexual violence and horrific torture methods.

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