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Khalil Dewan is the Head of Legal Investigations at London-based law firm Stoke White, and PhD candidate in Law at SOAS, University of London.

Khalil has delivered thematic advisory on International Law (IHL/IHRL) with NATO's Counter Improvised Explosive Device's Centre of Excellence (C-IED COE), US Military Commission Trials, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) and assisted ICC & Universal Jurisdiction submissions. He has conducted investigative fieldwork on US, UK & France's drone warfare in Syria, Somalia, and Mali. In addition, interviewed US Air force drone pilots, and British Royal Air Force (RAF) reaper pilots. He was requested to submit Expert Evidence to the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Drones and Modern Conflict. His work has been cited by the US Army War College Quarterly, Oxford Research Group, and published in the Journal of Conflict and Security Law, Oxford University Press, and the IPS-Journal, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.


Khalil's research work has been covered in international media, including Reuters, Associated Press, The Guardian, The Washington Post and others. In addition to growing expert media commentary on the BBC News and TRT World.


  • PhD candidate in International Law, SOAS, University of London - British drone warfare; targeted killing policy and counter-terrorism. 

  • LL.M (Master of Laws) in International Law (Merit), SOAS, University of London

15,000 Words Dissertation: “Analysis of US Targeted Killing Policy: Are Self-Defence Drone Strikes Targeting Terrorism Suspects Outside the Context of Armed Conflict Lawful or Extrajudicial Killings”? 

  •  LL.B (Bachelor of Laws) with Hons.

Primary Fields of Expertise  

International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Law of Armed Conflict. 


Secondary Fields of Expertise 

US, UK & French Targeted Killing Policy – Drone Strikes, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, Law of War, Non-State Armed Groups, Middle East Geopolitics, Country-Risk. 




Selected Reports & Briefings 

  1. K. Dewan, “France’s Shadow War in Mali: Airstrikes at the Bounti Wedding”, Stoke White Investigations (2021) Dewan, A. Dahir, “‘We Heard It Coming’: US Lethal Operations in Somalia”, Research Centre, TRT World (2019)

  2. K. Dewan, "India's War Crimes in Kashmir: Violence, Dissent and the War on Terror". Stoke White Investigations (2022)

  3. K. Dewan, T. Cherkaoui, “War on Terror 2.0: The Rise of White Supremacy Terrorism”, TRT Research Centre, TRT World (2019)

  4. K. Dewan “Christchurch Attacks: Blight on New Zealand’s Secret Service”, TRT Research Centre (2019)

  5. K.Dewan, “‘No One Hears Us’: Torture of Women in Syria’s Dungeons, TRT Research Centre, (2019) 

  6. How do Yemen’s Houthis & AQAP ”Counter” Drones? A Look At Open Sources, Bellingcat (2019) 

  7. Investigating Houthis Claims of Droner Attacks on UAE Airports, Bellingcat (2019) 

  8. K Dewan, “Understanding the Rising Cult of the Suicide Bomber”, NATO, AOAV (2017)

  9. K.Dewan “Written Evidence to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Drones”, APPG Drones Inquiry, (2017)


Selected Book Reviews and Op-Eds

  1. K. Dewan, “Old Laws, New Enemy – The AUMF Debate and The War on Terrorism” Huffington Post (2017)

  2. K. Dewan, “Q&A: Drone Wars through the eyes of a US Sergeant” (2017) Huffington Post.

  3. K. Dewan, “14 Killed Outside Warzones, but Drone Strikes Remain a “Hypothetical Question” for the UK Government, Huffington Post (2016)

  4. K. Dewan, “Europe Must Face its Responsibility to Repatriate Syria’s Foreign Fighters” Middle East Eye(2019)

  5. K. Dewan, “How will the Saudi-IAE alliance react to a rising Houthi threat in south Yemen” Middle East Eye (2019)

  6. K. Dewan, “Somalia’s quandary with UAE: A port in Somaliland”, Middle East Monitor (2018) 

  7. K. Dewan, “Can talks in Oman end the war in Yemen?”, Middle East Monitor (2018) 

  8. K. Dewan, “UAE and Yemen’s al-Islah: Meeting of enemies doesn’t mean peace” Middle East Eye (2018)

  9. K. Dewan, “Why the US call for Yemen ceasefire is doomed to fail”, Middle East Eye (2018)

  10. K. Dewan, “US-UAE Shabwa offensive is a quagmire for Yemen’s tribes”, Middle East Monitor (2017) 

  11. K. Dewan, “Yemen War: US-Saudi battlefield alliance quandary”, Middle East Monitor (2017) 

  12. K. Dewan, “Trump’s ‘temporary’ battlefields in Yemen and Somalia”, Middle East Monitor (2017) 

  13. K. Dewan, “Our people will fight anyone who harms their independence – southern Yemen”, Middle East Monitor (2018) 

  14. K. Dewan: :Aftermath of Somalia’s 9/11 counter-terrorism quandary”, Middle East Monitor (2017)

  15. K. Dewan, “US Daesh fighter in Syria poses dilemma for White House”, Middle East Monitor (2017) 

  16. K. Dewan, “Why are Iran’s drones crossing into Pakistan’s airspace”?, Middle East Monitor (2017)

  17. K. Dewan, “The US is failing to exploit tribal anti-AQAP sentiments in Yemen”, Middle East Monitor (2017)

  18. K. Dewan, “Operations Hudaydah: Yemen’s most wanted port”, Middle East Monitor (2017)

  19. K. Dewan, “Syria’s new death traps: Hospitals”, Middle East Monitor (2017) 

  20. K. Dewan, “When the aggression stops, so will we”, say the Houthis, Middle East Monitor (2017)

  21. K. Dewan, “Saudi-UAE divided over southern Yemen”, Middle East Monitor (2017)

  22. K. Dewan, “British Drone Strike Policy: ‘Confused and Confusing’” Middle East Eye (2016)

  23. Review of “Tribes and Politics in Yemen: A History of the Houthi Conflict (2017), M. Brandt, Hurst & Co Publishers. Published on Middle East Monitor (2018)

  24. Review of “Rebel Law: Insurgents, Courts and Justice in Modern Conflict” (2017), F. Ledwidge, Hurst & Co Publishers. Published on Middle East Monitor (2017) 

  25. K. Dewan, Review of 'Exposing Systems of Power and Injustice', Journal of Conflict and Security Law, Oxford University Press (2022) 

  26. K. Dewan, 'Unpacking the US' questionable drone strike [in Afghanistan]', International Politics and Society Journal (2022) 

Invited Conferences, Guest Lectures (Selected) 


1. University of Bath UK (2015) - Invited conference / presentation 

2. University of Liverpool (05/2017) - Guest Lecture 

3. Boğaziçi University, Istanbul (15/09/2019) - Invited conference / presentation 

4. University of Westminster, UK (14/10/2021) - Guest Lecture 

5. University of Manchester, UK (02/11/2021) - Guest Lecture 

6. International University of Sarajevo Bosnia (16-20/12/2021) - Invited conference / presentation 

7. Auckland University, NZ (23/02/2022) - Invited academic Roundtable 

8. Qatar University, (03/02/2022) - Guest Lecture 

9. Ziauddin University, Pakistan, (04/02/2022) - Academic Roundtable 

10. Uni. of Edinburgh, UK, Centre for Global and International Law (18/02/2022) with S. Moyn, MoD, RAF, FCDO & others. - Invited academic roundtable 

11. University of Salford (23/03/2022) - Guest Lecture 

12. University of Liverpool John Moore’s (18/03/2022) - Guest Lecture 

13. Disruption Network Lab, Germany, (25-27/03/2022) 'Kill Cloud': Networked Warfare, Drones & AI. - Invited Panelist 

14. Syracuse University, US. (23-25/06/2022)- Invited conference / presentation 

15. Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project, Istanbul, Inaugural Conference (14-15/07/2022) Invited / pres. 

16. University of Sheffield, UK, 'Drones in Society: New Visual Aesthetics' (8-9/09/2022) Invited conference 

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